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We love this original post written by b-glowing. Here’s the how-to. Enjoy!

If you like the idea of participating in this green holiday, but your “kiss me, I’m Irish” shirt has seen better days, we have a more subtle and fashion-forward answer for you: a St. Patties manicure, of course! We wanted to give you something that was festive without being too kitschy, so we decided to go with a fun but sleek glitter ombre nail. Wear this mani to your four-leaf themed events tonight!

  • By now, you know that every manicure must start with clean, buffed and filed nails. If you’re cuticles need a little love, we suggest using the Cuticle Remover fromDeborah Lippmann. Once your nails have been cleaned and shaped, apply a thin, even base coat. With all the manicures we’ve been doing here at b-glowing HQ we opted for the Rehydrating Base Coat to give some moisture back to our dry nails.
  • The first color you will want use is Deborah Lippmann’s Spring Buds from her new spring line. Its nice pale chartreuse will give some depth to the manicure and complete the color gradient you want to achieve. You only need one even coat of this color, as you don’t want too much polish build up.
  • Next, start with your darker glitter polish; we used Deborah Lippmann’s Across the Universe because it is almost a teal with a blue base and green glitter. You want to start at the tip of your nail and drag the brush down with an uneven line so you are able to blend the two glitter polishes. Try to keep a majority of the darker glitter toward the tip and only pull the base color down. You can see in our picture how we applied this color. Let this dry for a few minutes
  • Once your first glitter color has dried a little, take your lighter and preferably greener glitter color to finish the ombre effect. We used Deborah Lippmann’s Shake Your Money Maker because it has a green base with green and gold glitter. Start from the bottom of the nail with a light hand and brush up over the first color. You want to make sure to build the glitter as you go up towards the tip of the nail to leave the area near your cuticle lighter in color. We suggest two coats of your second glitter color. Once this has dried (give extra time since there’s a lot of glitter!), finish with a glossy topcoat and cuticle oil.
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